Wolf Moon + Lunar Eclipse: January 20th, 2019

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Tomorrow (January 20th) will be the last total lunar eclipse until the year 2021! Sounds amazing, right?! This moon will be memorable for many reasons. First of all, it’s the first full moon of 2019 AND an eclipse. It’s the Wolf Moon, a supermoon, and blood moon - all in one. Put it all together and you get the very casual title of “Super Blood Wolf Moon”.. If you just shivered and checked for werewolves outside your window, you’re not alone! All jokes aside, this moon will be huge, bright, and beautiful and you don’t want to miss it. Before we get into the meanings and symbols tied to this awesome eclipse, we want to take a second to talk about how to see the thing:

  1. Outside (the easiest way, although the coldest as the eclipse will peak around 10:30pm EST)
  2. Livestream (YouTube will have live streams of this event running all night, so google away and watch from bed!)


We recommend getting up close and personal with this super-moon, a term given to a full moon that's closer to the earth than usual making it appear larger, by viewing it outdoors. Grab a blanket and enjoy the cosmic show IRL. Even if you can’t catch this eclipse firsthand, you’ll definitely be feeling the energy it brings over the next few days.

This moon is called the wolf moon - the first moon of the year. It got its name back in the day when wolves howled at night signifying that winter, their mating season, was in full swing. Since this moon coincides with a super blood moon, the energy of new beginnings and self-reflection will be even greater than usual. Such a strong start to the New Year!

This moon will remind you to take stock of your goals (New Years Resolution List, I see you!) and how things have changed for you over the past year. It will also inspire you to reflect on what you want going forward into 2019. This full moon is in Leo, reminding us to be true to our values and goals regardless of obstacles. Tap into your inner confidence and desire to stand up and stand out and connect to what sparks passion in your soul.

Take some time to be quiet, enjoy the stillness that we all want more of in our busy lives, and decide what things no longer serve you. Let them go. There is no need to hold on to things that are no longer good for you. Next, focus on what things bring you joy, love, and abundance. Focus on bringing more of that into your life. Decide to only make space for the things that help you grow, heal you, and challenge you to better yourself.


Lunar eclipses signal a quiet time for reflection, the end of a cycle and getting ready for your next steps. This particular eclipse gently reminds us to evaluate our sense of self vs our ideas of others. Take time to recognize what makes you unique and what patterns you notice in your relationships without holding any judgement towards them. Ask yourself what types of relationships you attract and whether they serve you - what sort of relationships would you like to continue to attract?


This moon is a wonderful time to appreciate all the magic and joy in your life, and witness a gorgeous cosmic event. Enjoy this rare moon energy that we may not feel again for a while!

How are you planning to celebrate the Wolf Moon? Let us know!

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